How to multi crew (more than 2 crew) flights as per eGCA guidelines?

How to log multi crew (more than 2 crew) flights as per eGCA guidelines?

Steps to log multi-crew flights as per eGCA guidelines

The guidelines for logging long haul flights have been released recently by eGCA.

These guidelines are applicable for Long Haul flights operated with a complementary crew set (more than 2 pilots). For long haul operations with a 2 cockpit crew members, standard logging system is to be followed. 

As per these guidelines, each plot needs to log each segment of the flight they operated, with the timings in each capacity (PIC or Co Pilot) 

Example Flight Scenario 

If a flight from Delhi to London Takes-off at 06:00 UTC and Lands at 18:00 UTC with crew Capt. Aakash, Capt. Sameer and Capt. Krishnan, Where the operating crew in cockpit changes as follows:

• From 06:00 UTC – 10:00 UTC (DELHI-KABUL(OVERFLY)) • PIC: Capt. Aakash, Copilot: Capt. Sameer

• From 10:00 UTC – 12:00 UTC (KABUL(OVERFLY)-TEHRAN(OVERFLY)) • PIC: Capt. Krishnan, Copilot: Capt. Sameer

• From 12:00 UTC – 14:00 UTC (TEHRAN(OVERFLY)-TURKEY(OVERFLY)) • PIC: Capt. Krishnan, Copilot: Capt. Aakash

• From 14:00 UTC – 16:00 UTC (TURKEY(OVERFLY)-ROMANIA(OVERFLY))• PIC: Capt. Aakash, Copilot: Capt. Krishnan

• From 16:00 UTC – 18:00 UTC (ROMANIA(OVERFLY)-LONDON) • PIC: Capt. Sameer, Copilot: Capt. Aakash

In the above scenario the crew members will log their data in following manner:

  • Capt. Sameer will log 3 entries in e-logbook as:

  • 06:00 – 10:00, DELHI-KABUL, Pilot Function: Copilot, PIC Name: Capt. Aakash, Landing: 0.

  • 10:00 – 12:00 IST, KABUL-TEHRAN, Pilot Function: Copilot, PIC Name: Capt. Krishnan, Landing: 0.

  • 16:00 – 18:00 IST, ROMANIA-LONDON, Pilot Function: PIC, Co-pilot Name: Capt. Aakash, Landing:1

Steps to be followed by Capt. Sameer taking above flight as an example

1. Please use the app in offline mode during the flight itself so that these timings can be noted down there itself.

2. Create 3 entries for the 3 segments flown in the correct operating capacities. 

3. Please note the correct From and To points , could be selected from existing airports or new country/airspace points can be created in the app (no requirement to fill up lat/long).

4. Please note the timings of start and end of operating role in the OFF an ON fields of the entry.

5. Enter Day/night timing as per your calculation.
Auto day/night will work only if the From and To points have lat/long stored in it. 
6. Select the "Multi-crew/long haul operations" checkbox.
multi crew checkbox

7. As Capt. Sameer was part of the crew when landing was performed, Landing day/night needs to be marked as "1" in the segment where landing was performed. (Capt. Akash will do the same). It's the aircraft's landing and not the pilots landing which is being marked here

6. The 3 entries for Capt. Sameer should look like the screenshots below

7. The eGCA upload process will remain the same with multiple entries being uploaded now for each sector. 

If you have any questions regarding this topic, write to us on

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