eGCA upload for current entry and previous entry via Wingman

Uploading flights to eGCA

Wingman is the only platform where you can upload your flight data to eGCA directly from the app. This reduces the effort of entering the same flight data multiple of times in different platforms. To use this feature effectively, there are certain steps and instructions to be followed. 

Steps to Upload data to eGCA

1. Open Wingman app and Click on eGCA on the homepage.

2. Login with your eGCA ID and password when prompted.

3. Scroll down to the end of the page and click "Upload to eGCA"

4. Set up your eGCA FTO and verifier details. Please follow the article for the steps involved in setting up eGCA verifier.   

5. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding to upload the data to eGCA.

Please read all the guidelines carefully. Not following the guidelines may lead to errors in the upload process.
Do Not attempt to upload any flights that you have already uploaded manually on eGCA. It might duplicate those entries. 

Entries prior to 31 Dec 2020 should be uploaded using the 'Previous Entry' option. Entries after 1 Jan 2021 should be uploaded using the 'Current Entry' option. 

6. Select the type of FTO as per eGCA.

7. Select the type of entry (based on the information given above).

8. We recommend you to enable the Upload Remarks option stored in flights as this offers the feature of adding special flight remarks to eGCA easily.

9. Select the dates between which the flights have to be uploaded to eGCA. This is uploading multiple entries to eGCA at once.

Wingman also has the feature of uploading each flight entry to eGCA at the same time as entering the flight details. 


Following fields are mandatory for a flight to be uploaded -

  1. eGCA Flight type and Flight Purpose(s)
  2. Full eGCA ID of PIC or Co Pilot 
  3. Date, DEP and ARR Airports

For STL and Cross country, selecting the checkboxes applies the appropriate eGCA flight purposes/exercise types.

For Co pilots - Keep the operating capacity as 'Co-Pilot' regardless of STL. The app makes necessary adjustments to mark it as P1US on eGCA. Doing this keeps your hours counted under Co Pilot column only.

Refer given article for uploading STL flights - How to upload STL flights from Wingman to eGCA?

Multiple Flight Purposes can be selected manually.

No duplicate flights should exist in your Wingman database.

     - This icon denotes that a flight has been successfully uploaded on eGCA

     -  This icon denotes that the flight is locked for edits after it is uploaded to eGCA, to avoid unintended edits. You can unlock it if required. 


Errors may occur due to various reasons. The error description is available within each flight that is not uploaded.

Refer the video given for the complete procedure of uploading flights to eGCA. 

If you have any questions regarding this topic, please write to us on

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