Import eGCA data into Wingman

Importing data from eGCA to The Wingman app

If you have been uploading your data to eGCA manually and want to start using Wingman now, but are worried about importing the data that from eGCA to Wingman. We have you covered. 

How to import recent flight data (upto 45 days prior) from eGCA directly in the Wingman app?

Wingman now has the feature to Import flight data directly from your eGCA logbook.  
Only entries visible under "View Logbook" of eGCA can be imported
Entries pending for approval under "Approval Worklist" of eGCA need to be approved prior to import
Now, let's dive into the procedure for the flight data import using this tool.

1. Open the Wingman app and select the "eGCA" option on the home page.

2. Login with your eGCA credentials when prompted

3. Scroll down to the end of the page and click on "Import from eGCA".

4.  Accept the "eGCA Import Guidelines" after carefully reading it.
5. Enter the start and end dates of the flight data you want to import.
6. The Wingman  app fetches the flight data from your eGCA logbook and shows as below.

Modify the eGCA operator name and Flight type if required as these fields are not fetched from eGCA
7. The hour bifurcation is shown with details as per 
  1. Operating Capacity
  2. Type of Aircraft
  3. Day/night
  4. Cross country
  5. Instrument Time

8. Review the flight hours shown for the given period and make any changes if necessary using the "Edit Flights" option.

9. We recommend changing the sub-model aircraft type to main A/c type. For eg in screenshot above, change the A/c type to A320/A321 as appropriate. 
10. Go back after finalising changes. Click on the "Import" option to import the flight data and it will be reflected on your "My flights" page.

If you have any doubts regarding the procedure, please refer the video linked below for clarification

How to import large flight data (more than 45 days prior) from eGCA to Wingman?

  1. Download the pdf for the required period from eGCA Android mobile app. 
  2. Send us the pdf on with your registered Wingman id.
  3. We will import the data to your Wingman account in 5 working days. 
Note: Download data from eGCA mobile app only (Preferably from any Android device ) 
Send us the pdf file and we would import the data from the pdf to your Wingman profile in a matter of 5 days. 

This helps in having all the flying data at one place for maintaining a record and keeping your logbook updated.

If you need any assistance regarding this topic, please write to us on

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