STL/STOL P1US upload on eGCA from Wingman

How to upload STL flights from the Wingman App to eGCA?

Wingman app allows to mark your STL flights separately and keep a track of your STL hrs, separate from your main totals as Co Pilot. 
 Refer the given article to add flights manually in the Wingman app.

STL checkbox helps mark the flights which are to be shown as P1US experience upon upload to your eGCA profile. However, for your main calculation of your own hours, they still need to be counted as Co Pilot. STL checkbox field caters for this, while ensuring hours being uploaded as P1US only in eGCA.

Procedure for flights to be shown as STL/STOL  - 

  1. Select operating capacity as Co Pilot
  2. Tick STL
  3. This ensures that the flight's hours are counted towards co pilot towards your main logbook.
  4. The app does the work in the background to upload these flights as P1US and make it count towards the P1US experience requirements. It also selects the eGCA flight purpose of 'Supervised Takeoff and landing' automatically. 

The basic premise is that your main logbook hours should be counted as Co Pilot only, and only the eGCA upload should happen as P1US , while having no effect on your Co Pilot hrs calculation.

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