Wingman setup guide for experienced pilots

How to setup the Wingman app for experienced pilots (already having ATPL)?

Wingman doesn't require you to digitise each and every flight from the beginning of your career. You can start your digital logbook journey at any point with just carrying forward your totals, as you'd do while starting a new physical logbook.

We urge you to explore the app completely and it's essential that you take the time to setup the app fully, so that you eliminate all kinds of manual calculations going forward from this point.


The main steps for setting up the Wingman App are listed below - 
  1. Setup all the settings in the app via the settings page  - Default Settings in Wingman app
  2. Carry forward your totals from your physical logbook to Wingman. It's the same as if you were starting a new physical logbook
  3. Start logging your flights after the carry forward point using roster import or manually 


Carry forward your totals from your physical logbook to Wingman. It's the same as if you were starting a new physical logbook -  How to add previous flying experience or carry forward totals?


We offer you a way to keep your Wingman profile updated with your previous flying data if it's already uploaded in eGCA.

The flying entries in eGCA can be easily downloaded from the eGCA mobile app in the pdf format. 
Note: Download data from eGCA mobile app only (Preferably from any Android device ) 
Send us the pdf file and we would import the data from the pdf to your Wingman profile in a matter of 5 days.


We recommend using Wingman as your main data entry point from your next flight duty. 
  1. If your operator has an AIMS or ARMS roster system, After finishing the flight duty, use the 'Sync today's roster' button from home page and import the days flights.
  2. Or, you may log the flight manually. It's very quick and efficient - How to add flights Manually in Wingman?
  3. Find and select the co pilot using their eGCA ID (company and egca list is searchable within the app) -   How to search for eGCA names and ID of pilots in Wingman?
  4. Upload to eGCA 


The app has host of other features which we urge you to explore - 

The above steps can serve as a complete guide and we request you to go through all the support articles we have created. It will ensure you use the app to it's fullest potential. 

If you have any queries, please write to us on

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