How to migrate data from other logbook apps or excel to Wingman?

How to migrate data from other logbook apps or excel to Wingman?

If you wish to start using Wingman or are already using it but some of your data is in another eLogbook, we can most likely convert that data to Wingman, saving you endless hours of transferring your flights. 

We have successfully transferred data for thousands of pilots from Logten, MCC, Safelog and many other logbook apps. We can even transfer your data from an excel file.

Converting from other elogbooks 

You would just have to send us your flight data, downloaded directly from the other elogbook in an excel spreadsheet format or as .csv file. Using this file, we can migrate your data easily to your Wingman profile without any hassle.

Steps to transfer data from LogtenPro

  1. Please ensure that you have an active Wingman subscription.
  2. The data import is a manual process and we help you all the way through it so that details are captured without any errors.
  3. Once you have checked and finalised your data in logten pro, please export your data in the 'Export Flights (Tab)' format, from Reports>Exporters section of Logten Pro. 
  4. Press configure report on top right to generate report.
  5. Send us the exported file with your registered Wingman id to
  6. When we receive the file, we'll check it for any gross calculation errors or missing details and seek your input. 
  7. If everything is good to go, we'll import the data to your Wingman account. 

If you have any queries please write to us on

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