Search and Filter flight duties in Wingman

How to filter and search flights?

Wingman has a Search and Filter option to help you find your specific flight entries quickly.

Steps to filter and search on Wingman

1. Open Wingman and go to My Flights page

2. Click on the search icon on the top right corner of the page

3. A Search bar and Filter icon comes up.

4. Search for the specific flight using aircraft type or registration, PIC or co pilot name or any field relevant to the flight entry to be found.

5. Click on the Filter icon to get more number of options for the flight entries to be filtered according to your need.

The filtering options include
  1. Dates

  1. Duty Details

  1. Crew Details

  1. eGCA Fields

  1. Other Fields containing STL, Cross-Country etc.,

  1. Once you have selected the filter, press apply and the filtered flights will appear on the My Flights page.

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