How to add ULR/ Long Haul Flights with Split Duty?

How to add ULR/ Long Haul Flights with Split Duty?

In the Wingman Logbook app, we have the option to add Ultra Long range or long haul flights with multi crew. We understand the importance of logging in multi crew flight with split duty as the total block time and duty time will be different unlike other flights.
Please follow the instructions given to add the particular flight data with ease.
1. Add a flight via the My Flights page


2. Add all details including block timings. 

3. Once the automation calculates Total time and Night time, you have the ability to edit any field.  
4. Add the actual logged time into the PIC/SIC day/night fields 
5. Save the flight. There is also an option of saving and uploading the flight directly to eGCA.
 Once saved, the My Flights page shows the Total block time of the flight. However, the actual logged time is added to your hours, shown on Career page. 


Please go through the tutorial video for the same. If you have any issues regarding this topic, please contact us on

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